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Il Fiore D'Oro Luxury

IL FIORE D’ORO is not a simple guesthouse but an experience. It is an elegant refuge, a corner of peace and tranquility in the heart of Naples. The environment is refined and comfortable but at the same time collected as in the intimacy of a home.



Geecom is a family of products designed with the aim of simplifying the creation of websites and apps by favoring lightness and ease of use. Constantly developed, the suite is periodically enriched with additional features..


Santoriello Associati

Founded in 2017, Santoriello Associati Architecture & Engineering is dedicated to design in the architectural and engineering fields of civil, commercial and industrial construction, both public and private in nature.


Paravia Elevators

Paravia Elevators Srl is a leading company in Italy in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of elevators, elevating platforms, stairs and moving walkways since 1974, counting among its customers more than 800 institutions, companies, public and private structures.


Compagnia D'Altrocanto

More than ten years of activity and four discographic works: this is the business card of Compagnia D’Altrocanto, one of the most significant ensembles in the field of popular music from Campania, whose experimentation has constantly moved in the direction of the encounter between the sounds of the earth and the music of the author, hybridizing the traditional sounds with current derivations.


Armando Fortunato Fotografo

Passionate about photography from a very young age, Armando Fortunato has redefined his own style over the course of a long artistic evolution, incessantly seeking a union between traditional elements and contemporary forms of expression.


Fotografia 40

Strengthened by an always dynamic and innovative style, Giuseppe Quaranta has been able to carve out a recognizable niche in the fields of glamour and ceremony photography in Salerno and Campania.


Impegno e Solidarità

Founded in 1984, Impegno e Solidarietà is a voluntary organization committed to the protection of the rights of the disabled, aimed at encouraging their integration into the social fabric, promoting social and aggregative activities in the Picentini area, and organizing meetings and workshops.


Pasta da Re

“Pasta da Re” is a pasta factory and craft laboratory born from the experience of the masters of the Picentini area. A company capable of looking to the future on the basis of a wealth of traditions handed down from generation to generation.


Heliac Technologies

Founded in 2013 on the basis of the many years of experience of its staff, Heliac Technologies is an IT company active in the fields of software development, programming, business consulting and support for digital startups.


Casa Giulia

The Bed & Breakfast Casa Giulia is a comfortable accommodation solution, strategically located in the heart of Salerno, a few minutes from the main attractions of the city, ideal for those who want to reach in a short time the artistic, historical and scenic beauty of the area, or immerse themselves in the dynamism of its nightlife.